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Building Design

AD Shapiro Architects ps is an established architectural firm serving a diverse clientele with building design marked by ingenuity and skill. We bring a collaborative mindset to the table to develop blueprints of artistic prowess.

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Building Design

Architectural Design Services

At AD Shapiro Architects ps, a building is so much more than four walls and a ceiling. A building—home, office, or otherwise—is an addition to the community. It’s an opportunity to make a statement and make a contribution through quality design.

Our architectural firm specializes in the design process. We take residential and commercial clients on a journey of discovery to express their vision through innovative features, user-friendly layouts, and customized color schemes. We work tirelessly to develop blueprints stamped with our clients’ identities.

Create an interactive, user-oriented, sustainable space. Optimize square footage and maximize floor plan function. Our firm has the resources and know-how to help you do just that. Our architects leverage years of education and utilize state-of-the-art CAD software to translate ideas into tangible design concepts.

We’d love to show you some of our past work. Call us for information about our project history.

Our Architecture Firm

We’ve assembled our in-house team with great care. Our staff is a dynamic group of multidisciplinary, certified architects and designers. Our firm also has working relationships with leading engineers and consultants to offer comprehensive design services. Together, our team shares a passion for fresh innovation and timeless architecture. For further information about our licensing, get in touch with us by phone.

Our competent staff isn’t the only thing that sets us apart. As a firm, we’ve invested in our design software so that our operations boast more productivity, precision, and speed. Our advanced computer-aided design technology has enabled us to master our discipline with ease.

An Integrated Design Process

Our firm has developed an integrated design process that factors in all present and future variables for a cost-effective design. We identify all criteria for a high-performance building, including aesthetics, energy efficiency, security, cost-effectiveness, and more. By understanding how these criteria are interwoven and interdependent, we’re better positioned to balance them throughout the design process. The result? A holistic design that checks all your boxes in one simple service.

Our firm’s working practices are equally holistic. We emphasize collaboration and teamwork because we know that we’re stronger together. We invite our clients to participate in the creative process and discover the transforming power of integrated design.

Cost-Effective Design

Thanks to the detailed nature of our design process, we consistently deliver projects on budget. From the very beginning of a new project, we carefully track and diligently record every brick, nut, and nail needed for its completion. We engage in thorough planning to develop accurate cost estimates, and ultimately, a design within your target budget.

Contact Our Design Firm

AD Shapiro Architects ps is the first-choice, local architectural service in the area. We’re honored to have assisted both residential and commercial clients with customized and cost-effective design services. You could be next. Give us a call to get started.

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