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Frequently Asked Architectural Services Questions

Why should I work with an architect?

Architects play a crucial role in every building project – whether constructing a house, a library, or a skyscraper. An architect is responsible for creating a custom design and ensuring the proposed plans are both safe and feasible.

How can I find an architect near me?

While word-of-mouth referrals are the most common way to find an architect you can trust, searching online, or getting referrals from other contractors is always a good option too. When looking for an architect, it’s essential to have an idea of the style you are hoping to achieve and the scope of your building project. We recommend trying to view the previous work of potential candidates before booking a meeting. If you are seeking a qualified architect in the local area, AD Shapiro Architects ps would love to hear from you.

At what point should I hire an architect?

When you start to seriously consider an upcoming building project, we recommend hiring an architect. Architects can help with much more than just design. They can let you know if your project is feasible, help you choose the right contractors for the job, collect necessary permits, and so much more.

What will happen during the initial consultation?

During the initial consultation, an architect’s job is to get to know your proposed project in great detail. We will learn where you hope to build your structure, the overall style you’re hoping to achieve, the scale of the build, the materials you are interested in using, your budget, your timeline, etc.

Conducting a consultation is crucial to completing a successful build, and we won’t overlook any details.

What is involved in the design process?

While the process can be broken down into more significant detail, there are essentially five steps involved in architectural design:

  • 1. Schematic design
  • 2. Design development
  • 3. Construction documents
  • 4. Bidding
  • 5. Construction administration

If you have questions about these steps, AD Shapiro Architects ps invites you to contact us at (425) 778-5400.

Will we need any other professionals for the project?

Yes. Any construction project requires the collaboration of various contractors and specialists. While finding the right people for the job can be daunting, architectural experts, like our own, can help you choose the perfect team through the bidding and contract negotiation process.

Are you involved from the design through the completion of the project?

While the work of an architect is to take charge of construction planning at the beginning, our team would be happy to see the project all the way through and ensure your vision comes to fruition without a hitch.

What’s my role in the design process?

The property owner should be heavily involved in the design process to ensure that the final design meets their criteria and overall expectations.

Are you licensed and insured?

Our architectural firm is completely licensed and insured to deliver professional servicing.

Do you have methods of reducing the environmental impacts of construction?

The impact that your construction will have on the natural environment is a consideration made by our architectural company from the get-go. We understand that creating a building will change the very nature of the land it sits on, and we’ll take the time to assess the risks and find ways to mitigate negative impacts as much as possible.

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